We construct a range of custom verandahs, pergolas, carports and porticos. From a basic colorbond verandah to including rendered piers, ceiling, mouldings and a bulkhead.

We can custom make any type of verandah, and we use Revolution Roofing materials.

Types of verandahs are:

Victory Flat Roof:

Insist on the genuine Victory superior Patio, Verandah or Carport system & enjoy the great outdoors, in your own backyard. Greater options with 3 ceiling profiles to choose from. Smooth ceiling like underside and compact beams give a spacious appearance & makes cleaning easy. A convenient overhang is available if preferred.

Victory Flat Roof

Victory Dutch Gable:

Classic style to complement & add value to all types of homes. Perfect for entertaining as an outdoor area or simply as carport on the side of your home, the Victory Verandah Dutch Gable design is a popular lifestyle choice. With both a 108mm and 158mm portal beams enabling opening widths beyond 10 metres.

Victory Dutch Gable

Victory Gable End:

Offering both visual appeal & superior spanning capabilities the Victory Gable End adds flair and style to your home in a distinctive manner. Wide choice of designs and sizes to suit your requirements. The fluted columns offer both attractiveness & strength.

Victory Gable End

Victory Curved Roof:

Custom options are available for flexibility in design & optimum appearance to complement your home. Curved Verandahs are available in a choice of finishes, allowing Victory to lead the field in innovation, strength & flexibility of design.

Victory Curved Roof

Victory Long Span:

No need for internal roof purlins. Offering a wide range of options the Long Span is available as a pitched verandah or carport. Designed to suit your home & lifestyle. Available as a single gable or combined with flat roof sections.

Victory Long Span

Victory Hip Roof:

Offering flexibility to accommodate your choice of roofing material & design options whether it is polycarbonate roofing to maximise light or traditional BlueScope Steel corrugated iron to match your home. Option of 3 roof pitches from 17.5, 22.5 and 27.5 degrees.

Victory Hip Roof

Victory Gazebo Designs:

Stylish & decorative in design for optimum appearance. Custom designed to suit your home & lifestyle requirements. Attached & freestanding options available with your choice of roofing materials whether it's polycarbonate roofing to maximise light or traditional corrugated iron to match your home.

Victory Gazebo Designs

Victory Custom Designs:

Victory also offers the option of custom & non-standard patios, verandahs or carports for flexibility in design & optimum appearance. Styles such as L-Shaped, Intersecting T-Shaped & Straight End Gable can all be designed to suit your home & lifestyle requirements.

Victory Custom Designs

We can custom make and 'dress up' any verandah style to include rendered piers, ceiling, mouldings and a bulk head.


More Information on the Revolution Roofing verandah, patio and carport types can be found via the Revolution Roofing website on this link below:


Transforming the look of the front of your home with rendering, adding a porch, and dressing the front of the home with stacked stone, rendered quoins, and adding mouldings. We can even incorporate a similar look for your front pillared fence or rendered wall. 

All of our work is completed in house by our own qualified tradesman. We can work a design around your budget and offer options to find a solution suitable for you and your home.